Hi! Welcome to my personal blog.

You might like to take a look around my website, so let me introduce you to some of the sections this website contains:

Reflect: For Articles

New articles written by me are added here in this section. You may read them, share them and write out your thoughts about them. The articles are a ‘reflection’ of my views on various topics and philosophical ideas. Do share them if you like them!

Podcast: Listen, weekly!

The Thinker’s Podcast is a weekly podcast I do, sometimes solo and sometimes with a guest. In this podcast, I usually explore topics which are abstract and sometimes about life phenomenon we all experience. I try to think of them and try to encourage my listeners to think them in a different perspective.

Do listen to them and tell me your reviews. You can also listen to them on Soundcloud ® You can also request me a special topic to do a podcast on. Register your requests in the contact section.

Diaries: Random musings

The random thoughts, events, and ideas which pop into my mind and I feel like sharing them. I open up this section and portray my mind’s musings here.

Any random phenomena alert!

Discussions: Exchange ideas

You and I have an apple each, we both exchange them, we still have one each.

I have an idea and you have one, we exchange, now we both have two each!

This is the simple ‘idea’ behind this section. This section is helpful for discussions among the community of The Thinker © readers.

P.S. also helpful for essay topic discussions 😛

About: Me

Just some basic introductory things about the author – Vivek Nigam a.k.a. The Thinker. Do check out this to know more about me.

Nothing else to say.

Contact: Get in touch

Contact me! Reach out directly to me and share your views. Suggestions are welcomed! 🙂 You can also suggest me some topics to write on request.